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Unthinking wine for a new world.

Evening directly sells fine wines & curated subscriptions to a fast growing and emerging global consumer through a simplified brand, culture-centric marketing & mobile-first shopping.

AUG 2022

Milestone achieved.

Create Pitch Deck & select Founder.

SEP 2022

Milestone achieved.

Launch pre-seed campaign & market private investment.

OCT – NOV 2022

In progress.

Develop product & setup pre-launch campaign.

DEC 2022

Pre-Launch: Market Private Collection (limited edition).

JAN - MAR 2023

Develop 1st Full Collection.

MAR 2023

Premiere 1st Full Collection.



Evening gives entry to the world of fine wines through a quality product powered by an elegant brand and simple customer experience.


Digital technologies present a crucial opportunity to unleash value through better customer engagement and relationships.


We aim to establish a culture–centred brand, empowering an emerging and refined zeitgeist of a global generation.

Adieu, Wine.

Millennials, now being of-age, have the income, affinity and size to be a lucrative market, yet eschew fine wines as their drink of choice. As the CEO of a leading German fine wine online retailer confessed: “We know that it’s important to reach new consumers under 40. But we haven't figured out, how to attract a younger demographic .”

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Cheers, Culture.

This overwhelmingly diverse market is rapidly growing, yet poorly served. Wines are still marketed around tasting notes and french chateaus.

In an age, in which emerging cultures seek to establish a more contemporary version of a refined life, mirroring aspirations and values marketing around old European charm becomes an ineffective tool to entice this new generation into becoming loyal wine consumers.



Too Complex. Millennial consumers new to fine wines feel overwhelmed by a complex buying experience, entry barriers and choices.

Product Obsession. Wine is perceived as intimidating. Grape varieties, regions, scores and industry jargon can be hard to grasp. Marketing, design and communication are centered around the product, not about the consumer experience.
Poor digital experience. Very few business models have a clear mobile-first strategy.
Out of touch. The wine industry feels outdated in the ways they communicate to young consumers. Chateaus, estates and ostentatious luxury don’t fit with our values, zeitgeist and don’t mirror a rapid shift towards a greatly culturally diverse world.

Beyond Wine.

We sell tomorrow's culture – not just wine – to an aspirational and diverse consumer. Evening simplifies the buying experiences and enriches novel ways of expressing a more global way of a refined life, through technology.




Content. Authentic visual content for storytelling and edutainment. Produce Documentary-style mini-videos and high-end photography.
Tastings. Hosting exclusive online and offline tastings in an contemporary atmosphere.
Collaborations. Fostering partnerships with creatives in the arts, design and business and drop capsule collections.
Marketing. A highly social brand, driven by audience engagement and improved social selling experiences.

Gib hier deine Überschrift ein

Gib hier deine Überschrift ein

Customer Segment.

Cosmopolitan – Evening looks to cater to an international audience, who are proud of having a global identity, life and social relations. They non-chalantly fit in Shanghai, as much in Hamburg, Rome or Toronto.
Female – We target mostly upper-middle income female professionals in senior position, age 29–39 (± 4years), living in urban centres.
Digital – Evening aims to entice mobile-first users, who are highly connected, digital natives of the first generation, who emphasise offline connection, but use online to orchestrate their real life. Our target consumers have an astute affinity for aesthetic impression & consumption.


We’re raising a €400.000 pre-seed round from a group of private investors and giving away equity.

We aim to build and launch Evening as a company, planning to raise a follow-on seed investment in Q2 – Q3 2023 to substantiate or growth for the subsequent 36M.


Early Traction


Do you want to learn more about our concept, financials and strategy?
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William Chitangala

Managing Director

Linda Pesenti

Venture Architect

Augusto Capece

Technology Lead

Laura von Asseburg

Venture Analyst

Julia Berghöfer

Design Lead


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