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At Chitangala Studio we conceptualise, develop and grow ventures with a clear theme. We focus pure innovation, with soulful design.

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Private Investors.

A new generation of HNWI. Millennials are set to inherit the biggest amount of wealth in history. Their needs are shifting: Emerging HNWIs are more likely to be culturally diverse, female, or to have exited their business.They are looking for investments that are not just functional, but mirror personal preferences and lifestyle. Emotional needs are becoming more important: We identified that contributing to a purposeful venture, a digital client experience and venture investing as an emerging form of status investments, like fine arts, strike out as needs we want to address. Further, with Venture Studios having a lower risk profile than traditional startups, this new group of Angel investors can earn their “skin in the game” with far less risk and tickets and build a track record as investors for more sophisticated deals.


Our corporate co-creation solution serves to bring forth ventures in a more efficient and project driven manner. We’re more than a service provider. As co-founders, who can bring in their entire human capital to the table, we help boutique investment and consulting firms in conceptioning validated ideas, developing businesses, scaling them and spinning them off.


The emergence of Venture Studios has brought about a significant change in the investment landscape. For portfolios, in which venture capital is an important part of, venture studios deserve serious consideration. A very structured process, informed by risk control and business parameters, generate more predictable returns, with less input. Studio-born seed-stage Ventures turn out to have the same success-rate than traditional Series-B startups.


More efficient to build, operate and capitalise Studio Ventures vs. conventional startup.


Success rate and a 10X Cash on Cash Return of Studio Ventures – equal to Series B startups.

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