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The reason we favour this approach to venturing lies in the fact that it reduces the risk of entrepreneurs and increases the quality of their co-founded businesses. Here’s why this is most important. It lowers the hurdle for women and people from marginalized groups to enter high quality entrepreneurship with less capital and risks. Venture building creates access to equitable and profitable opportunities without the downside of having one’s existence at stake. Venture building rewrite the narrative of who can become an entrepreneur to the benefit of women, black people of colour and migrants, who would otherwise not even participate in this dynamic economy.

We think venture building is a more sustainable and more profitable approach to innovation than conventional venture capital investments for emerging economies and technologies.

The Venture Landscape



Pairing the creative aspects of innovation with analytical rigor: At Chitangala Studio we follow a three-part process of how new companies come to being. We’ve developed a framework helping to achieve our declared goal: Increasing the efficiency of venturing by min. 10%, project by project.


From +100 ideas to a handful concepts: We discover, research and validate new venture initiatives systematically.


From concept to launch in 100 days: Per year we launch 2-3 new ventures through focused project management.


From venture to company: we consolidate our holdings to be run as sustainable businesses.


As founding partner, Chitangala Studio offers a variety of management services to its ventures. We believe, founders should do what they they’re best at: creating refined products and growing visionary ventures into global businesses.


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