William Chitangala

So, I bought a black-owned business

What I've learnt and why I wouldn't do it again.

a futurist, innovator and researcher.

Two years ago, four business-friends and I bought Linkfro. This linksharing platform, popular among black-German creatives, aimed to give back agency to a community in which artistic achievement and creative livelyhoods are severly dependent on platforms owned by whites. So far the mission statement.

To acquire Linkfro, we founded a InnoGFIP GmbH and capitalised this businesses with money to pull the transaction through. Most certainly, the thrill of the pursuit, of buying a black-owned business and keeping it in The Community, created excitement hardly comparable to anything else I’ve witnessed in my emergent life as business owner.

After all, it was the most prominent, if not first, tech buyout in the history of Germany’s Black African community.
Almost two years have past and some learnings have emerged worth sharing. Time for a resume.

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