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What’s on

Fashion evolution through the generations

A walk through Town square: 1830-1880


Greek & roman Classical sculptures
- presented in AUG 2021
William hunt: smybolism in painting
- presented in SEP 2021
mythological alabaster statues of the 19th century
- presented in OCT 2021
face to face: portraits from the 1800’s
- presented in NOV 2021
a deep dive into prehistoric murals
- presented in AUG 2021
Joseph edward southall: revival of painting in tempura
- presented in SEP 2021

Looking Black

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Our Business.


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Work with us.

The wealth of our continent
does not lie in our mines –
It lies in our minds

As we become aware of our future, it unfolds its capacity to change us.
We are the inheritors of an uncertain consciousness.
It is overwhelmed and clouded by a mist.

As we become aware of new truths, this mist falls away from us;
and it becomes possible to to act again, to feel again,
to speak again, to think again: in a new way.

Therefore, bringing focus on our futurity is not about throwing around sensational facts or indulging in shallow gratification: This focus is a seed that can germinate and inspire the flowering of a new human, a new spirit.

And if we fail in this mission, we will have to put down the sun from our shoulders. And the world will be in darkness. Because we are African:
We light up the world.