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We are a fine art gallery dedicated to curating a diverse & unexpected collection of works from national and international artists.

From old times to newer times, our gallery features an eclectic mix of paintings, sculptures, and architectural works. We have thousands of famous pieces on display year-round, along with 2-3 temporary exhibits every month. Our team of world-renowned art curators consistently keep the gallery full of new and exciting arts to discover.

Founded in 1930

For over 90 years, the Nortand Gallery has been one of the main art centers of Serbia. We are proud to say we’ve hosted millions of visitors throughout the years who were informed & inspired by the works we have had the opportunity of presenting.

our collection

Nortand Art Gallery is proud to have the largest collection of works in Serbia. With over 48,000 pieces ranging from classical paintings from European artists, to ancient mosaics & pottery, we have a remarkably extensive selection of fine arts.

Our History

“A Picture Is a Poem without Word S”

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The wealth of our continent
does not lie in our mines –
It lies in our minds

As we become aware of our future, it unfolds its capacity to change us.
We are the inheritors of an uncertain consciousness.
It is overwhelmed and clouded by a mist.

As we become aware of new truths, this mist falls away from us;
and it becomes possible to to act again, to feel again,
to speak again, to think again: in a new way.

Therefore, bringing focus on our futurity is not about throwing around sensational facts or indulging in shallow gratification: This focus is a seed that can germinate and inspire the flowering of a new human, a new spirit.

And if we fail in this mission, we will have to put down the sun from our shoulders. And the world will be in darkness. Because we are African:
We light up the world.